Episode | 105

(Recorded Oct. 2020 // Location: Private Home Studio – Richmond, VA // Release Date: Jan, 21, 2021)

Title: Ep. 105 | Fireside Chat w/ Pastor John Baldwin

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John Baldwin, pastor of Berea Baptist Church in Rockville, VA, joins Chip in this episode of Plain-Spoken Grace. Pastor John grew up in Central, Virginia.  He is a graduate of Hampden-Sydney College where he earned a Bachelors in History and Religion.  He is also a graduate of Liberty University, where he earned a Masters of Religious Education, a Masters of Art in Religion, and a Masters of Divinity.  He is currently pursuing a Masters of Religion in Church History, and a Doctorate of Ministry with an Emphasis on Church Planting and Evangelism.  

John is married to his wonderful wife Juliet, and they have three sons: Tim, John, and Weston.  He has a passion for sharing the Gospel of Christ with everyone he encounters, and embraces the opportunities that each day brings to share the love of Jesus.

Chip and Pastor John discuss a variety of topics centered around John’s background, his thoughts on dealing with church hurt, and the relevancy of studying the minor prophets in the light of current events.

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